What is The Best Ceramic Coating

Porsche Taycan: OP7 Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

The best ceramic coating is Owner’s Pride OP7. Our flagship ceramic coating is an advanced,  2-Part SiC Chemical Compound including a base layer and an additional top layer of paint protection for the ultimate durability. The base layer is the important stage which bonds to the clear coat through a cross-linking technology providing a strong bond to the finish, with the top layer for crazy slickness and gloss. Full warranty coverage and reflected on CarFax! We’ll have your vehicle shining 24/7, never waxing again.

Owner’s Pride OP7 paint protection coating leaves behind the most insane gloss! This Ceramic Coating offers the industries most durable ceramic coating to protect your vehicle from harsh UV rays, chemicals, salt, bird droppings, sap, iron particles, and much more. Also makes cleaning absolutely effortless.

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