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A little about me: 

I am the owner & founder of Shine Division Detailing in Oceanside. I am owner-operated with passion driven work and years of experience! I am proudly trained, certified & an authorized retailer for Shine Supply; Your source for the highest quality detailing products & service available. When you choose to work with me, you can expect a quality service from start to finish, prompt communication, and an excellent finished product as I will personally be the one working on your vehicle. 

I  have 138 5-Star reviews which you can find on my Shine Division Detailing Google Listing. 

My goal in this business is to well educate my customers and recommend a service that best fits their needs with a plan to get it done right, the first time!

  • Clay n Seal
  • Polishing Services
    • Essence Detail
    • Level 1 Polishing Service
  • Paint Corrections (Swirl Removal)
    • Level 2 (2-Stage Paint Correction)
    • Level 3 Multi-Stage Correction
Ceramic Coatings
  • The Ultimate Paint Protection
  • Hard Glass Sacrificial Barrier
  • Extremely Easy Maintenance
  • Self Cleaning Effect
  • Very Hydrophobic & Chemical Resistant
  • Ceramic Coatings For Paint, Plastic Trim, Wheel, and Glass Surfaces

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    Testimonials: What Others Have To Say
    • I’ve been a recurring customer of Eli’s for about a year and have had him detail our cars several times. His work is outstanding and he always takes great care of our cars! He’s really easy to work with, punctual and does high quality work. Highly recommend.

      John Wardlaw
      Tesla Y & Shelby GT350
    • Eli at Shine Division Detail was top notch with the work performed on my truck! I went with the level 2 paint correction and the 3 year ceramic coating. The end product took my 6 year old truck and made it look new again. I usually clay bar and wax my truck twice a year, which produces good results. Eli’s brought it to the next level and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend you reach out to Eli if you’re considering ceramic coating - prompt communication, honest, and has attention to detail.

      Jeff McCloskey
      Silverado 2500
    • Eli was a consummate professional. He did an amazing job on our suburban, and kept us in the loop as well as made sure we were aware of anything and everything that came up. I have and will recommend him again! Great job

      Justin Marsh
    • This guy is truly a magician, I didn’t think what he was able to achieve was possible, the price he charges is truly competitive and is the highest quality, I will definitely recommend and come back for more business 10/10!

      Edwin Laureano
      Ford F150
    • Great Customer Service, attention to detail, honest, reliable, and fair pricing. Recently got a level 2 detail, w/ ceramic coating, and wheel coating on my new GMC Sierra. He did an amazing job! Looks better than it did when I drove it off the lot. You can tell Eli is very passionate about detailing, and takes no short cuts to create a quality outcome. He even took the extra step to help repair a small blemish/ scratch on the paint. He clearly communicated all my options, answered all my questions, and even recommended products to better maintain my truck and my ceramic coating, to get the most out of my investment. I would recommend this business to anyone needing vehicle detailing, and will definitely work with Shine Division again in the future. Quality work!

      GMC Sierra
    • Had Eli perform a paint correction and ceramic coating on my bmw m5. He was very professional and the car came out looking awesome. I will be a repeat customer!

      Arnold Lee
      BMW M5
    • Eli is the man! He always goes above and beyond for me. I’m super OCD when it comes to my cars and trucks, especially when they are only weeks old. But Eli has definitely understands what it means to pay attention to detail. He’s always looking to perfect is craft and shows a level of standard that would any one at ease. He treats my cars better than even me. I’m grateful to have met him and look forward to having him protect my cars for years to come. He’s reliable, punctual, and most of all he’s an extremely hard worker. If you’re looking for some one to detail your car no matter the price tag from work trucks to porches, he’s your man! THANK YOU SO MUCH ELI! See you soon

      Carlos Orellana
      Mercedes E Class
    • Eli is the man! Brought my GT350 to him for a full paint correction and ceramic coating. He did an amazing job prepping the paint prior to the ceramic coating. I can honestly say this is the best the car has ever looked! I will definitely be going back to him for any car detailing needs!

      Cory Franklin
      Shelby GT350
    • Eli is prompt and professional. His work is amazing. I had swirl marks on my black cars that other detail guys could not get rid of. Eli removed them easily and made the finish look better then new. I will not be going anywhere else. Thanks again!

      Brad Treutler
      Toyota 4Runner


    Frequently Asked Questions
    What is a Ceramic Coating?
    Pro Grade ceramic coatings are the ultimate protection for your paint providing several years of durability and protection. I offer SiO2 & SiC Chemical compound coatings which, when applied, cross-links with your clear coat creating a semi-permanent bond. Ceramic Coatings are highly resistant to environmental fallout, UV Damage, chemicals, scratches, and are extremely hydrophobic. Ceramic Coatings are most popular and recommended when the vehicle is brand new or after a paint correction. Click Here To Learn More
    What is Paint Correction?
    Paint Correction is a form of detailing that focuses on removing swirls and other defects from the paint. This process is an abrasion process that removes just enough material from the clear coat to remove the defected layer, and expose a fresh layer that is flawless. This correction process includes a final polishing stage that pulls out the ultimate clarity! Now, it is important to properly maintain these results! The only way to impose more swirling in the finish is through improper washing methods. If cared for, it will forever remain flawless. 
    My Car is brand new. Why does it need your services?
    New vehicles are unfortunately delivered to its new owner in poor condition. We’ve seen it all! From sanding defects (from the factory), rotary marks from improper detailing methods, and even an extreme amount of paint overspray and bonded contaminants. You must keep in mind, your new vehicle has been on a long journey before it makes its way to you. Bonded contaminants occur from weeks or even months of sitting on a dealership lot unkept. Additionally, dealerships are not well trained in car care. Chances are, your paint has some swirls in it as well. Also from improper care. Shine Division has the solution for you at an affordable cost to deliver your vehicle to you, the way It should’ve been…the first time. 
    What Makes Shine Division Different?
    At Shine Division Detailing, we care for your vehicle on a passionate level. We don’t just do the work, we take all procedures to a new level of proper methods to ensure the best results possible. We do not cut corners, and we will always provide you our honest opinion on what’s best for your vehicle, and how that should be accomplished. Eli is a proudly trained and certified Shine Supply Detailer demonstrating excellence in this craft. Give us a call, we are happy to help!
    What is Contaminated Paint?

    Great question! Overtime, as vehicles are driven, parked outside, and exposed to road grime, the paint is exposed to iron particles that become embedded in the clear coat know as bonded contaminants. It is harmful to the clear coat and hinders the bonding capabilities of a protective coating resulting in a false sense of protection and lack of durability. One easy way to tell if your paint is severely contaminated is to softly run your finger tips across the surface when the surface is CLEAN. If the paint feels rough, you need a decontamination service. Consider a Level 1 Detail.

    How do I properly maintain my car
    Great question! To clear the air…Avoid car washes! I know, it sounds ridiculous. However, they are extremely harmful to your vehicles clear coat. They are overly abrasive, cause a wild amount of swirling and can cause severe damage later on.

    We recommend always starting with the wheels and utilizing a 2 bucket method or an advanced waterless wash system, both of which have their time and place. We love using a foam cannon to emulsify the dirt on the finish and proceed with a two-bucket method (rinse / Wash). Use a soft mitt (we love “Flat Out Wash Mitts”) and finish the detail with a soft drying towel. Consider using a “drying aid” detail spray to lubricate the surface and hydrate the paint as you dry. If you’re like me, you’ll spend the next couple hours after detailing the chassis and hydrating all plastics and rubber. Give us a call if you have any questions! 

    Why Are Booking Deposits Taken For Some Appointments?
    For full day (or more) appointments, I require a small deposit to secure your slot. Due to the significant time commitment for your appointment, Once you have committed to the schedule, Deposits are non-refundable. 100% will go towards the job on your scheduled date. If I offer a sooner appointment to you, this policy now applies to the new date. Rescheduling is of course allowed however, please give 72+ hour notice or the deposit is subject to be absorbed as a cancellation fee. If you decide to significantly downgrade the service, the Deposit will not be credited toward a lesser job due to the time slot you already took away from another customer. I have implemented this policy due to past customers last minute cancellations and lack of consideration & commitment to the time slot I have scheduled for you. Thank you for participating in an effective and more stable scheduling system.

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