Porsche 911 GTS: 5 Year Ceramic Coating

Porsche 911 GTS: 5 Year Ceramic Coating


Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating San Diego: 5 Year Ceramic Coating

2016 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS: New Owner purchased this vehicle as a 5 Year old car. The paint had a lot of minor swirling in the paint from improper washing methods. Shine Division Detailing performed a single stage paint correction to remove the swirling (This comes standard with Pro Grade Coatings). Followed it up with a secondary refinement step to really polish out the clarity and remove any haze from the initial cutting step (This step makes all the difference)! We got the paint looking juiced and topped it with Owner’s Pride Ceramic Coating. If you’re looking for a high quality paint correction with an ultra durable level of protection, choose OP Coatings. Best coatings available with the craziest gloss!

OP5 SiC Ceramic Coating is a highly durable coating that creates a strong bond with the clear coat through a cross-linking process. OP5 comes with a warranty backed by a 3rd party insurance company, reflected on CarFax. In addition, I include wheel ceramic coating and a special military grade windshield coating that structurally makes the glass more durable. This glass coating comes eligible for its own replacement warranty with no deductible.

Are you looking for a high quality Ceramic Coating to protect your paint protection? We offer a range of coating that fit all needs and budgets. Get in touch today for a quote.

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