GMC Sierra AT4 HD: Level 1 Detail

GMC Sierra AT4 HD: Level 1 Detail

Auto Detailing Carlsbad: Level 1 Protection Detail

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We always start with the Wheels & Chassis first! 

– Steps included: 2 stage foam cannon paint cleanse: 
We foamed the paint down with an emulsifier to breakdown the dirt chemically. This is much safer than going at it with wash mists and imposing swirling in the paint. Once the emulsification was complete, we continued on with our second foam wash and 2-bucket wash method. 

Next step, I noticed the paint was heavily contaminated from sitting outside in the elements while the sun has been baking it in. With a iron chemical decon and clay process, all bonded contaminants were removed. At this point, the paint was smooth and free of all impurities. 

Next step is to do a DA High Gloss Polish. This drastically improved clarity, creating that high gloss finish, removing any marring and it also serves as a base coat for our second stage protection. 

we can move forward to applying the ceramic based sealant. I chose to use Owner’s Pride Ceramic Detailer for extremely high gloss finish, very slick ad UV Resistant.

Next stage we condition all exterior plastics, rubber, clean glass inside and out, and finish it up with a light interior clean up which entails and vacuum and wipedown. 

This detail is great for those looking for a refresh of the paint, a high gloss finish, and a very high quality layer of protection. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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