Chevy Colorado: Express Ceramic Coating

Chevy Colorado Complete! Performed our Express Ceramic Coating Package which leaves the paint with a high gloss finish, and durable protection with Owner’s Pride Top Coat SiC Coating for 12-16 months protection. 

This is my entry Level Ceramic Coating Option offering far more durable protection than any wax or sealant. This is an SiC Formulated product which creates a semi-permanent bond with the clear coat through a cross-linking process. This provides highly durable protection against the Sun UV Rays, and all environmental elements. Dirt will no longer stick to the paint and will result in a much cleaner surface with a rich gloss.

Paint needed some extensive prep work prior to polishing. This truck lives next to the beach and is taken off road quite often. This results in the paint being heavily contaminated with iron particles. Through our decon process, the chemical digs deep down into the surface and dissolves those iron particles. As seen in the photos above. The chemical reacts with the surface by turning purple. The more contaminants there are, the more of a reaction there will be. 

Experience very easy maintenance with the Owner’s Pride Lineup. I recommend using Eco Wash, Ceramic+ and Ceramic Detailer in your maintenance routine to keep the coating in top condition! 

Looking to have your car ceramic coated? Check out all our options on the website. Offering full warrantied ceramic coatings up to 7 Years Protection. Get in touch today!

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