Ceramic Coating Benefits: Easy Maintenance

Ceramic Coating Benefits: Easy Maintenance


Ceramic Coating Makes It Much Easier & Safer To Clean: Before/After Road trip Filth.

Ceramic Coating Benefits: Easy Maintenance

Having a Ceramic Coated Vehicle is great when it comes to taking care of your paint. It can be a far simpler task than cleaning a car that is uncoated. Why? Because Ceramic Coatings have great beading capabilities & “release properties.” However, even with a ceramic coating, it is important to maintain proper methods for the best result without imposing any unnecessary swirling & defects in the finish.

Why Is Proper Maintenance So Important?

By properly maintaining your Ceramic Coated vehicle, you will be prolonging the protection abilities of the coating. The better maintained the coating is, the better it can protect your car’s paint. In addition, the Ceramic Coating will not degrade if cared for properly. Over time, Ceramic Coatings are made to degrade slowly over a long period of time. While there are factors that can speed up the failure of the ceramic coating such as the buildup of contaminants, never washing it, improper chemicals, automatic car washes, etc., it is possible to extend the life of the coating beyond its expected duration.

Ceramic Coating Makes Cleaning Much Easier!

This Tacoma was brought in for a full service to clean up the debris from a long road trip from San Diego to Utah, Vegas, and back. Through many off-road trails, this truck saw all environmental elements over the past couple of weeks. The paint was dramatically easier to clean as opposed to an uncoated vehicle. Dirt no longer wants to stick to the paint, bug guts won’t bake in and etch the clearcoat, and the sun won’t damage the clearcoat in the hot sun.

As a professional Detailer, it is my job to fully cleanse this paint safely, without imposing swirling & scratches, rehydrate the coating and hand the keys back with the paint looking as good as the day it was coated. Game on!

How to Safely Cleanse The Paint

My process for this Tacoma was unique and took a few extra steps than just a “simple wash.” I loaded my foam cannon with PH balanced Off-road cleaner (emulsifier) and began to foam down the paint with thick foam. This works to quickly break down the dirt that is on the surface, reducing the amount of dirt left on the paint for my wash mitts in a later stage. I proceeded to foam down and pre-rinse the truck twice before making contact with my mitts.

Washing With Mitts

My third foam down was with a lighter detergent from Owner’s Pride (Eco Wash Concentrate). This is the soap I choose to use to lubricate the surface upon contact with the wash mitts. Utilizing a 2-bucket method (one rinse, one wash), move throughout the panels doing only one pass, working top to bottom, thoroughly rinsing mitts in between panels. This will dramatically limit surface swirling, light marring, and even scratches.

Drying Aid & Sealant

The final stages of the paint include thoroughly rinsing the paint free of dirt, and drying the panels with my ultra soft drying towel and Ceramic+ Drying Aid. This product lubricates the panel as well as adds a light layer of protection, rehydrating the coating as I dry. Once the panel is dry, I love to follow it up with a final wipe spray with Owner’s Pride Ceramic Detailer. This product is amazing! Will add a few months of protection to the coating, a crazy gloss, and great slickness back to the coating. Especially after a long road trip, this step is highly recommended. 

Final Result:

Owner of the vehicle was stoked to have his truck back in shape after a long road trip. The paint was insanely dirty with Utah Clay and was beyond a “quick wash at home.” The paint was left flawless with no swirling added to the paint, the ceramic coating rehydrated and ready for the road again.

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