Benefits of a Ceramic Coating: Vehicle Paint Protection

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating: Vehicle Paint Protection

What Are The Benefits of a Ceramic Coating? Does it Work?

You’ve likely seen your share of content on how great a Ceramic Coating can be. Do the claims live up to the hype? Let’s break down the benefits of Ceramic Coating your vehicle

What is a Ceramic Coating?

First off, it’s important to be informed on what a Ceramic Coating is. Ceramic Coatings are the ultimate coating for your paint providing several years of durability and protection. Made up of SiC & SiO2 Chemical compounds, these products create a strong bond upon application. Unlike many consumer products on the market, SiC coatings cross-link with your clear coat creating a semi-permanent crystallization. Think of it as a thin layer of glass protecting the paint. Because essentially it is. Ceramic Coatings are made up of the same molecules found in glass, which shield the paint from the elements. Simply put, once a Pro Grade Ceramic Coating is applied, the clear coat will now be untouched.

Benefits of a Ceramic Coating Include

High UV protection, extremely easy maintenance, high gloss, swirl/scratch resistant, no more polishing or waxing etc. In addition, all Pro Grade Ceramic Coatings from Shine Division Detailing come with a warranty (up to a 7 Year Coating) which is warrantied against UV Damage, yellowing, fading, loss of gloss, sap etching, bird drop etching, overspray, water spots and more. This warranty gets filed through a 3rd party insurance company and is reflected on Carfax.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is a huge time saver with a ceramic coating. Dirt does not stick to the paint at all, can easily be rinsed off and quickly dried as water beads right off the surface. At Shine Division Detailing, we recommend Eco Wash for a simple & safe cleansing method to care for your vehicle.

No More Waxing or Polishing

Ceramic Coatings will not only look better all year round, but maintenance will be far less extensive as well. Save money on clay & wax jobs every couple months and upgrade your level of protection to a ceramic coating for a lesser annual maintenance cost.

Extremely UV Resistant

Ceramic Coatings will reject UV Damage that cause fading and premature breakdown of the clear coat. UV Damage is the common cause of clear coat failure. The UV rays break down traditional waxes and sealants fairly quickly. Ceramic Coatings are far more durable and reject UV rays.

Swirl / Scratch Resistance

The ceramic coating is a much harder layer of protection than factory clear coat. Any swirling that may be caused over the life of the coating likely has not reached the actual paint, it’s in the coating itself. This saves the paint from having to go through a correction process (Which ultimately removes clear coat – Factory paint only has so much clear coat). Protect the paint long term with a ceramic coating.

Protects from contaminants, bird Dropping & sap

Overtime, contaminants become embedded in the clear coat. Contaminants include iron fallout which is accumulated over time from sitting outside and being exposed to environmental elements. If left unmaintained, these contaminants rust and become very harmful to the clear coat. In addition, bird droppings are very acidic and etch the clear coat permanently. Ceramic Coating provides an additional layer of protection keeping this far less of an issue, and easily correctable

Wheel Ceramic Coating:

Wheels get eaten up very easily and quickly with brake dust. Brake dust sticks to the rims, get heated up from the friction and it meshes into the wheel causing permanent damage when left untreated. Lock in those wheels with a pro grade coating made to withstand high heat.

Proper Application

Professional Ceramic Coatings require an extensive process to install properly (even on new vehicles). The paint needs to be free of contaminants, polished, and cleansed before applying the coating. Highly recommend having a professional perform the work. If lousy work is done, it may take a whole lot more money to have the right shop correct the mistakes, and get it done the proper way.

At Shine Division Detailing, we are Owner’s Pride Certified, insured, and have years of experience working with all paint types. With all 5-Star Reviews, we take pride in the job, have a passion for the work, and strive for perfection.

Final Thoughts: Is Ceramic Coating Worth it?

In a short answer, Yes! Ceramic Coatings offer great benefits to protecting & extending the life of the paint, adds value to the car in the long run, and makes cleaning your vehicle insanely simple, while keeping your annual maintenance costs low.

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