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Restoring Your Paint To Better Than New Finish

Paint Corrections remove swirling, scratches & other defects from the vehicles paint. If your vehicle has been through a few too many car washes, has been improperly care for, and has lost its shine over the Years, consider having a paint correction process done on your vehicle. Paint Corrections change the look of your car, bringing it back to life resulting in a shiny, swirl free finish. Choose Shine Division Detailing for all your San Diego paint correction needs. Get in touch today for a free quote.

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    Which Paint Correction Service Fits You Best?

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    Level 2 Enhancement Service

    Level 2 Enhancement Service is my most popular paint correction service. This process entails a 2 stage correction designed to remove light/moderate swirling. Followed with a fine polish to produce the ultimate gloss. (Typically results in a perfect finish for lighter defected paint & 75%+ improvement on heavier defected paint. I offer heavier correction stages if desired or necessary) 

    Level 3 Paint Correction

    Level 3 Paint Correction Service is designed to produce the ultimate finish! This is for moderate to severely defected vehicles who want a perfect / near perfect result. This process entails multiple stages of correction utilizing Rotary & DA processes. The final stages include a thorough polishing step to clear up any haze, produce the ultimate gloss to create a flawless work of art. Protect these results with a Professional Grade Ceramic Coating of your choice

    Paint Correction On a Brand New Vehicle

    The Missing Link in Your Car Buying Experience

    You may have heard of doing a paint correction for a brand new vehicle. Sounds crazy, right? It’s more popular than you think! When you purchase a brand new vehicle, there’s a lot of hands it goes through; assembly, transport, delivery, dealership, body shops etc. The paint may be new, but there’s a good chance the dealership has already improperly washed it, sanding marks are still present from the factory, or there are even buffer trails left behind in the paint finish. Performing a paint correction on your brand new vehicle is seriously the missing link in your car buying process. Bringing your new vehicle into perfect condition for you to enjoy is a very rewarding experience. Your freshly detailed vehicle is waiting for you in my shop, swirl free with the perfect gloss.

    When you choose Shine Division Detailing for your auto detailing service, you can expect the highest quality and best customer service. A truly professional detailing service guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

    Have you ever been disappointed with the condition of your new vehicle? You are not alone. Call today to schedule a consultation for all your paint correction & ceramic coating services. With all 5-star reviews, you can be confident in the highest quality service, and after care support. Owner operated, highly trained & insured.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Paint Correction?
    Paint Correction is a form of detailing that focuses on removing swirl marks, fine scratches, water spots and other defects from painted surfaces. Depending on the current condition of your paint, more than one correction step may be necessary.
    Do New Cars Need To Be Paint Corrected?
    Absolutely! most of the cars we work on are new / newer vehicles. Unfortunately, the factory body shops and dealerships use improper polishing techniques resulting in a hazy finish, rotary holograms (improper tools), and a swirled finish. Bring your vehicle to Shine Division Detailing! We will remove all factory defects resulting in a swirl free, ultra shiny finish, delivering the vehicle to you in much better condition than the day you bought it!
    How Is Paint Swirling Caused?
    Paint Swirling is caused by improper washing techniques. The number one culprit being automatic car washes, dealerships or even other auto detailer. All it takes is one bad wash, using improper methods and you can induce swirling in the vehicle’s paint.
    How Long Do Paint Correction Results Last?
    The result of a paint correction will last forever. The process of paint correction is actually removing a small amount of the paint’s clear coat (the defected layer). Through this process, we are leveling down material and exposing a fresh layer and polishing it out to a brilliant shine. The paint swirls that you saw before will never come back.
    What is The Best Way To Protect My Paint
    After your vehicle is freshly corrected looking its absolute best, we highly recommend protecting those amazing results with a durable ceramic coating.  Ceramic Coating will help protect the paint from future swirling, uv rays, and also offers extremely easy maintenance making it easier for you to properly maintain that ultimate gloss! Visit the Ceramic Coating Page to learn more about our warrantied ceramic coating options
    Do All Cars Require The Same Process?
    All cars and paint is different and requires a different correction process. When performing a paint correction, you must consider and determine whether the paint has a soft or hard clearcoat, how deep the defects are, and what the desired results are. Shine Division carries a wealth of knowledge and experience along with a wide range of tools and products specific to each vehicle to deliver the best results possible!


    • Had Eli perform a paint correction and ceramic coating on my bmw m5. He was very professional and the car came out looking awesome. I will be a repeat customer!

      BMW M5
    • Eli is the man! Brought my GT350 to him for a full paint correction and ceramic coating. He did an amazing job prepping the paint prior to the ceramic coating. I can honestly say this is the best the car has ever looked! I will definitely be going back to him for any car detailing needs!

      Cory Franklin
      Shelby GT350
    • Eli is prompt and professional. His work is amazing. I had swirl marks on my black cars that other detail guys could not get rid of. Eli removed them easily and made the finish look better then new. I will not be going anywhere else. Thanks again!

    • Great Customer Service, attention to detail, honest, reliable, and fair pricing. Recently got a level 2 detail, w/ ceramic coating, and wheel coating on my new GMC Sierra. He did an amazing job! Looks better than it did when I drove it off the lot. You can tell Eli is very passionate about detailing, and takes no short cuts to create a quality outcome. He even took the extra step to help repair a small blemish/ scratch on the paint. He clearly communicated all my options, answered all my questions, and even recommended products to better maintain my truck and my ceramic coating, to get the most out of my investment. I would recommend this business to anyone needing vehicle detailing, and will definitely work with Shine Division again in the future. Quality work!

      GMC Sierra
    • Eli at Shine Division Detail was top notch with the work performed on my truck! I went with the level 2 paint correction and the 3 year ceramic coating. The end product took my 6 year old truck and made it look new again. I usually clay bar and wax my truck twice a year, which produces good results. Eli’s brought it to the next level and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend you reach out to Eli if you’re considering ceramic coating - prompt communication, honest, and has attention to detail.

      Jeff MCCLOSKEY
      Chevy 2500


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