Chevy Silverado: 7-Year Warrantied Ceramic Coating

Chevy Silverado: 7-Year Warrantied Ceramic Coating

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Chevy Silverado came in for a high durable 7-year warrantied ceramic coating. After a thorough conversation over the phone with the customer going over the options, we decided to move forward on protecting the paint with Owner’s Pride OP7.

Why OP7?

Customer recently acquired this vehicle in recent months and expressed concerns for long term paint protection and maintenance routine with a goal of finding a service that fulfills his needs as it is a daily driver. Owner’s Pride 7 Year Coating found to be the best fit. Why? It’s my most durable paint protection coating offering easy maintenance, high UV resistance, extreme gloss, with the durability to last as long as he wants to keep the truck. The product crystallizes with the paint serving as a layer of glass to protect the finish.

OP7 is an advanced 2-part SiC Ceramic Coating which comes standard with a 7-year legal warranty through a 3rd party insurance company. In addition, this paint protection product gets reported to CarFax, increasing its value at the time of sale.


Upon pickup, it’s truly amazing to see the smile on their face with tremendous satisfaction for the work complete. As well as admiring the work, we discuss future care recommendations to keep the truck looking as good as the day he picked it up. Thanks so much for choosing Shine Division Detailing!


If you’re looking for a high quality service you can trust to take care of your vehicle, consider Shine Division Detailing. We are experts who love working with our customers to find the best service and paint protection option to fit their needs. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to carry out the expectations of the customer, fulfill their needs and become their source for the ultimate car care.

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Shine Division Detailing offers a high quality detailing and ceramic coating service providing options for everyone’s needs. If you are looking for paint protection options, give us a call! Happy to answer any of your questions and find a service that fits your needs. Contact Us

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