Ceramic Coating Service Oceanside – Should I Ceramic Coat My Car?

Ceramic Coating Service Oceanside – Should I Ceramic Coat My Car?


Ceramic Coating Service Oceanside: Ceramic Coating Your Vehicle


Shine Division Detailing provides a high quality detailing, paint correction & ceramic coating service. Ceramic Coatings will provide you with durable paint protection on the surface to significantly prolong the lifespan of the clear coat. Why is this service becoming more popular? Because manufacturers are cutting cost by using less and less paint and clear coat to color their vehicles. In addition, the fit and finish of a new paint job is far from the quality you would expect. I provide a service to bring life to your vehicle (new and used), then protecting the paint with a durable ceramic coating option. Price of a ceramic coating varies per vehicle, Factors include the size, paint color, current condition of the paint, and which ceramic coating package will fit your needs best.

The Process

Shine Division Detailing is not in the business for sub-par work. I include all necessary preparation work, and even take it a step further to properly polish the paint, getting it in shape PRIOR to ceramic coating the vehicle. Professional ceramic coating packages include a correction process to remove defects, swirling and blemishes from the surface. From start to finish, a proper ceramic coating job will take 1-2 days to complete. Prep work includes a paint cleanse, iron oxide treatment, a demineralizing treatment and clay session to ensure a clean canvas for polishing.

All Ceramic Coating packages receive a polishing stage to remove light swirl marks & paint defects. This includes hologram patterns (From body shop buffing), light swirling from the dealership washing it, and minor scratching from transport. Even brand new paint is far from perfect, which is why I include a polishing step to produce the ultimate gloss prior to applying a highly durable ceramic coating. 

What Gets Coated? 

Included in this service, all exterior paint, headlights, tail lights, plastics, wheel faces, and windshield are coated. This ensures an evenly protected surface from the elements and a very easy wash process going forward. Shine Division Detailing 3 Year Ceramic Coating is a highly durable, professional grade ceramic coating. Ceramic Coatings form a strong barrier of protection between the paint and environmental contaminants. Manufacture Clear Coat has continued to thin over the years which calls for a strong layer of Ceramic Coating to protect the paint.

Protect Your Investment

Buying a brand new vehicle is exciting! There‚Äôs nothing better than a brand new vehicle, perfectly detailed and protected Inside & Out. Ceramic Coating for cars maintain that brand new feeling with our Paint Protection Service. Offering a range of Ceramic Coating Options to fit your needs and budget. Reach out today for a quote and booking. 

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About Shine Division Detailing: 

Shine Division Detailing is your local source for the ultimate car care. We provide a high level service delivering superior results! Specializing in All Auto Detailing Services + Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Services. We offer in person consultations to go over and discuss what it is you’re looking to have done and the best way to achieve those results. My Goal is to educate instead of sell. I am looking to build long term relationships and simply take care of my customers. The more educated you are on the process, the products and the results, the more comfortable you will be making the best decision for your vehicle. Click Here to Get in Touch

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