4Runner: 3-Year Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating San Diego

Toyota 4Runner Received the Ultimate Paint Protection. 3-Year SiC Ceramic Coating was installed on this paint after a thorough polishing stage to remove defects and swirling. Ceramic Coating Applied to Paint, Wheels, Windshield and all Plastics! This Toyota 4Runner is perfectly dialed in and ready for its next adventure! Considering a Ceramic Coating? It’s one of the best investments you can make into caring for one of your largest assets. Provides an extreme level of protection against UV Damage (The biggest factor is paint peeling/fading). Ceramic Coatings make it extremely easy to maintain your paint. Dirt no longer sticks to the finish, water beads right off, and you can enjoy a 24/7 shine with extremely low maintenance. Never wax your paint again! Think of how great your vehicle will look throughout the next several Years, without having to maintain it with clay & wax every 3 months. Paint will look amazing 24/7, with less maintenance, and greater durability. Based in Carlsbad. Give me a call or check out the service menu on our website for more info. 

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